5 simple dog tricks that your dog can learn in less than an hour

5 simple dog tricks that your dog can learn in less than an hour

It is always fun and impressive to meet a dog that can perform an arsenal of tricks. It is a great pleasure to watch a puppy perform trick after trick on command!

But can you really teach your dog how to kiss, shake and do puppy push-ups without attending expensive dog training courses or spending hours getting frustrated and confused? The answer is yes! Demonstrating your intelligent dog’s cool tricks is definitely great for bragging rights, but more importantly, it creates a connection between pet and human that is based on patience and trust. Check out these five simple dog tricks and get started!

We have chosen the following five tricks for several reasons.

They are relatively easy to learn and can be taught in a short time with a little practice. They are also great building blocks for learning other, more complicated tricks. Once you teach dogs certain basic commands like sit, stay and sit, they can do some pretty impressive things.

Don’t you believe us? Just watch these simple tutorial videos and see for yourself. In these videos, you’ll learn step-by-step how to teach your pet simple tricks in a manageable way. You and your dog don’t have to have a fancy pedigree or formal training to impress your family and friends at your next home session.

Here are five simple tricks that you and your puppy can learn together! Remember that training should be fun for both you and your dog. So stay positive and reward it with lots of treats, games and positive reinforcement.

1. shake

To teach your dog to shake or offer his paw, you need to break it down into small, accessible steps.

The first thing you want to do is put some quality treats on your dog’s nose – the more smelly, the better. Finally, he will try to grab them with his paw, as he cannot get them with his mouth or nose. Then you want to reward him with a “good boy”! and a treat.

As soon as he begins to understand that you want his paw, you can add a verbal hint. You can add this verbal cue like “paw”, “shake” or even “high five!”

2. roll over

The trainers of the American Kennel Club use a process called curling to teach dogs to roll over. Step one is to place a treat directly on your dog’s nose and lead him into a downward position. At this point, you can give the reward to the dog.

The next step is to take another tidbit and guide the head backwards so that its weight is shifted and it rolls over on its side.

The last step is to lure her onto her back with a third treat and slowly complete the rollover. Then make sure you place the final reward where her head is so that she has to reach and complete the move.

Keep in mind that the trainer has several treats in his hands so that he is always ready to start the next step and does not have to search for new treats in his training bag. This helps the dog to concentrate on the process for the duration of the trick.

3. puppies push-ups

Puppy push-ups are a combination of three movements: Sitting, sitting and standing. Training your dog to sit can be done in several ways. Here, the trainers will show you how to teach your puppy to sit with capturing, allowing the puppy to display the behavior on their own, and rewarding shaping that will lure the puppy into the desired sitting position. This trainer uses a clicker to mark the desired behavior, but verbal cues and treatments also work well.

The same methods of grasping and shaping / curling can be used to teach your puppy how to get into a lower position. Note that the trainer will start adding a verbal “down” hint while the puppy is offering the behaviour itself or being lured into position. For dogs that don’t want to go down, a leg brace is a good way to force them into the desired position so they can get the treatment they so much want!

To get your dog to stand up from the down position, simply hold a treat or even just your hand out of your nose so he has to stand up to get there. Start by marking this standing position with a verbal hint.

Once your puppy has mastered these three movements, puppy push-ups are simply the continued utterance of these verbal commands to get your dog to execute them quickly one after the other. Simple – and so cute!

4. speak or sing

Before you try to teach your dog to speak or talk, you should consider the possible effects. Nobody wants a super loud, whiny or barking dog. But if you think your dog has good manners and it’s a trick you want to try, here is the information!

Have your puppy sit in front of you and use a specific hand cue, such as the finger goalposts the trainer uses in the video. Wait for the dog to make a sound. Reward small noises or mouth movements with treats.

Over time, ask your pet for more duration and volume and reward him or her accordingly. Keep this training session entertaining for your pet by making it short and sweet and offering many rewards and positive reinforcement. Your dog will be a singer in no time!

5. twirl or spin

Start with your puppy standing up. Start by touching her nose with a treat and slowly lure her around in circles. Reward your dog with the treat as soon as he has made a full turn, but is still moving and does not end up in a sitting position.

Test walking in both directions to determine which one your dog prefers. Stick to your dog’s preferred direction until he has mastered the trick so well that he becomes agile enough to turn in both directions.

Add a visual cue after your dog becomes familiar with the turning movement. The trainer points down with two fingers and leads your dog in a turn.

This trick is ideal for dogs of all breeds and ages, and you can probably teach it in less than 10 minutes!

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