5 ways your dog can help you be healthier

It is no surprise that a pet – especially a dog – can have a positive effect on your life. Just as babies tend to bring joy to everyone, so do puppies !

According to WebMD, a dog can make your heart healthier, reduce stress, improve your immune system and provide social support.

Getting a dog is not only good for your mental health, but also for your physical health. If you’re on a mission to lose weight, get stronger, or fight off a disease like heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure, your puppy may be just the thing to give you a jump start on your goals.

Not only can you commit to a healthy nutrition and fitness plan, but you can also use health and fitness resources like Noom to find the best way to achieve your goals and get plenty of support. You can also use your dog as an excellent source of motivation. Here are five incredible ways you can get healthier with a dog!

1. number of dog excursions

If you have a dog – especially a puppy – you have to put on your sneakers and walk on the sidewalk every day. Dogs need to go outside to do their business, but most dogs also benefit greatly from regular exercise. Many dogs will be much calmer and more well-behaved indoors if they have ample opportunity to release their energy during their walks. If that is not a great motivation to go outside and drive miles, I don’t know what is.

2. ramp it up with weekend walks

Dogs have evolved from wild animals to domesticated friends that we know and love, and many breeds love nothing more than being out in nature with their best friend. While you sleep and enjoy a long, lazy Saturday, it’s very attractive to take a brisk morning walk to get some fresh air, make your puppy happy, burn a lot of extra calories and improve your heart health so you can enjoy that brunch mimosa without guilt.

3. throw the ball around

Who doesn’t like to play fetch with their dog?! If you fetch a few rounds with your puppy every week, you’ll burn lots of calories without thinking about it. After a few minutes back and forth you may even be sweaty and out of breath. There’s nothing like having fun while you’re getting a good workout, and we bet your furry friend has a smile on your face the whole time. Having a dog practically opens up opportunities for fitness!

4. food sharing can help

A commitment to feeding your puppy a healthy diet can inspire and motivate you to do the same for yourself. You can prepare your pet’s food at home with healthy ingredients such as boneless and skinless chicken, wholegrain products, sweet potatoes and nut butter. Buy enough for yourself, too, and you’ll always have something at hand to prepare a nutritious meal or snack instead of turning to drive-through or take-out menus when you’re too hungry to snoop around your kitchen.

5. mental health is also important

An animal companion can help you be happier and feel less lonely, not only because you have someone to cuddle and care for, but also because it can help you break the ice when you meet new people. Whether you and your puppy are at the dog park or on the trails, dogs can be a great opportunity for social interaction that leads to new friendships. You can even set some puppy play dates so you can enjoy adult entertainment while your puppy benefits from much-needed socialisation. Having a pet gives many people a sense of purpose and responsibility. Even if you feel blue, you have a reason to get up and move on.

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